I don't always get it right you know

I am not perfect. No. Far from it. I hope I haven't given a picture of a perfect 50's housewife who makes no mistakes. Now now. Let's be honest.

Exhibit A: Cooking
Sometimes I get it right. Sometimes I get it wrong. Sometimes I burn stuff. Sometimes I make alien invasion blobs in the oven:

Blobs... Or maybe I was going for the "Alps"?

Exhibit B: Artistic Abilities
Zero. Zip. None.

My musicality and ability to write has not translated into any other art form, unfortunately.
I tried to make Christmas cards this year. Needless to say, I should have bribed my 5-year-old nephew to make them for me. I was too embarrassed to send them to anyone outside my core family (they know what talentless tool I am).
Here. Have a crappy Christmas. Next year you'll get an SMS instead.

Exhibit C: Photogenic my ass
"Darling, why don't you ever take photos of me?" I sometimes ask my husband. I don't think I break mirrors or have hairy moles on my face, why doesn't he ever take photos of his wife?

Husband's reply:
1) You're always on the move and out of focus.

2) It's impossible to take a nice photo of you because you pull funny faces.

3) You hide behind things.

4) You use props.

Sigh. Fair enough.

Exhibit D: Karma hates me
I have the WORST karma when it comes to travelling. The only thing that hasn't (yet) happened to us is a proper plane crash. Even though, that also was close once when the wheel didn't come out of the plane when landing. We keep losing our luggage, missing flights, ticket problems, security problems...and last time I think it was us who broke the entire Helsinki-Vantaa Airport system and ended up queuing with a few thousand other people for several hours...
Never travel with us.

So. Mrs. Marvelous certainly does NOT equal "Mrs. Perfect". So that you know. 

Now stop laughing and go and do whatever you were doing. 

Over and out.

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